About Cairo Design Award

The Cairo Design Award (CDA) is the first designer platform in Egypt for award-winning design creativity and innovation in Egypt and in the Middle East, bringing together outstanding designers and celebrating the industry’s achievements.

CDA aims to support, encourage and reward creative excellence and to promote and highlight the design industry in Egypt. Each year, Egyptian designers from across the world compete for the CDA award, with submissions being judged in a variety of different categories.


To establish a renowned local platform for leading stakeholders in the design industry in Egypt, to connect, interact, exchange ideas, share experience and gain meaningful industry exposure, leading to becoming a powerful international thought-leader and promoter of creativity and excellence. 


Aspire to lead, leverage, promote and enrich the Egyptian design industry through the interchange of creative ideas, solutions, and actions that will contribute to the development, expansion, and advancement of the industry.

The CDA platform is a new opening for everyone in the field, finally, to belong to a suitable professional forum that recognizes their creative talent and they can depend on for leading-edge state-of-the-art know-how.

This mega-event offers a unique opportunity and is the first of its kind in Egypt to offer the following:


Talent is always worthy of appreciation. Many gifted designers are often not given the appropriate public recognition that they are due. Therefore, we believe it is now high time to give them the rich credit they so rightly deserve. Highlighting successful projects is vital and essential too.


Awarding talented designers engenders a sense of competition which will encourage people working in the design sector to give of their best. This, in turn, will help to ensure that the market continues to thrive and to progress locally.


The award provides a golden opportunity for different fields of design creativity to be united seamlessly, in one place, and to unlock the potential benefits of industry innovation, commercial synergy, and crucially, thought-leadership.


By providing a suitable forum to link different industry stakeholders, this offers practical possibilities and marketing opportunities to help guide and lead the development of future design and creativity in Egypt.

This platform presents a unique opening for the current generation of creative design talent to better appreciate, understand and develop their expertise, expand their knowledge, and interact with industry leaders in their respective fields. The forum offers an ideal setting for personal networking, enriching discussion, and professional career job openings.

Who we are

Cairo Design Award is an initiative by Mahdy’s Group, in cooperation with The Egyptian National Competitiveness Council (ENCC), and its Founder and Honorary Chair Prof. Hossam Badrawi.

Prof. Hossam Badrawi
Founder and current Honorary Chair ENCC

The Egyptian National Competiveness Council (ENCC)

ENCC is a non-profit policy advocacy group established by a number of Egyptian businessmen committed to improving Egypt’s productivity and competitiveness. Founded in January 2005 as an NGO, ENCC serves as a forum for public-private policy dialogue on priority challenges to Egypt’s long-term productivity and inclusive growth, for exchanging knowledge and good practices, and for formulating policy recommendations in partnership with the concerned stakeholders.

ENCC combines research and national policy advocacy to effect a significant change in the welfare of all Egyptians. ENCC has alliances with national and international organizations to better serve and enhance Egypt’s competitiveness. ENCC’s agenda is Egypt’s agenda. The first and foremost concern of ENCC is the Egyptian citizen, as reflected in its slogan “A Better Egyptian for a Better Egypt”.

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Hisham Mahdy
CEO, Mahdy's group

Mahdy's Group

Mahdy's Group is a leading group of associated companies founded by Egyptian brothers, Chief Designer/Art Director Hisham ElMahdy and Director Tamer ElMahdy, in 2004. Founding Mental Flame Design Consultancy and Mahdy Advertising Agency, they have certainly left their unique mark on the architectural, design, and creative industries.

With offices in Cairo and Dubai, Mahdy's group is concentrating the focus of their primary activities on Egypt and the MENA region, where they have built an impressive portfolio of prestigious clients and have received several awards in the field of ‘Advertising and Design’.

Mahdy’s Group possesses a dynamic and passionate interest and a bright vision to better promote and also to celebrate Egyptian innovation and creativity, with an enduring belief in the role that acknowledges Egypt’s significant heritage throughout millennia to the world of design, culture, and flair. Identifying an unfulfilled opportunity, they recognized the need for, and now with the Cairo Design Award are proactively enhancing and promoting the inspirational creativity today that is the very hallmark of Egyptian design and innovation they wish to showcase internationally in the 21st century.

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