Initially emerging as Egypt's foremost platform for awarding design excellence, Cairo Design Award (CDA) has expanded its horizons to embrace international talent, setting a benchmark for design creativity and innovation not only in Egypt and the Middle East but across the globe. Dedicated to assembling and honoring preeminent designers, CDA resonates as a celebration of the design industry’s most remarkable accomplishments.

Beyond its roots in Egypt, CDA has evolved to champion outstanding global design creativity. While it continues to emphasize the dynamic growth of the Egyptian design sector, it has broadened its scope to encompass the world stage. Each year sees a plethora of submissions, from ingenious Egyptian designers both at home and abroad, to exceptional talents from various corners of the world. These designs, ranging across multiple categories, guarantee an inclusive and exhaustive representation of the global design ecosystem.

Our objective is to weave together the various facets of Egypt's design community, forging a space that resonates with the successes of the industry's top brands. We envision CDA as a platform that offers continuous inspiration, fostering growth, and innovation in the field.



Beyond our current offerings, we have a grand vision for CDA. We are determined to augment and enrich our annual event, transforming it into a holistic design showcase. This evolution will enable designers to not only exhibit their innovative concepts but also to present the pulse of contemporary design trends to a discerning audience.



CDA Founder

CEO of Mahdy's Group and Founder of Cairo Design Award and Cairo Design Week

Mahdy’s Group, a distinguished conglomerate of interconnected companies, was the brainchild of the dynamic Egyptian siblings, Hisham ElMahdy and Tamer ElMahdy. Established in 2004, Hisham, a prodigious Chief Designer and Art Director, along with his brother Tamer, an adept Director, have etched an indelible mark in the spheres of design and creativity.

Under Hisham’s stewardship, Mahdys Group has grown its footprint with strategic offices situated in Cairo and Dubai. Mahdys Group’s commitment to excellence is reflected in an illustrious portfolio that boasts collaborations with some of the region's most esteemed clientele. The group’s prowess doesn't stop at its portfolio; having been the proud recipient of numerous accolades in 'Advertising and Design', reinforcing its stature as an industry titan.


CDA President

Prof. Ebtissam Farid; the Head of the School of Design and Media, and Course Director of Interior Architecture and Design at Coventry University UK and the Knowledge Hub in Egypt.

Through her many roles in the design world, and as President of Cairo Design Award 2023, Professor Ebtissam Farid shapes the future of design thinking.

Professor Ebtissam isn't just an academic powerhouse; she is also a venerated designer and co-founder of ENCODE Studio, a pioneering multidisciplinary design space that challenges traditional paradigms in Egyptian design. Through ENCODE, she and her team merge digital and physical tools to foster inventive designs, pushing the boundaries of technology and digital fabrication to bridge education, profession, and the design industry.

With such an illustrious career, Professor Ebtissam's leadership at the helm of CDA 2023 ensures the event's continued excellence and innovation. As the guiding force, everything falls under her esteemed supervision, promising a memorable and impactful showcase.