Cairo Design Award 2017


Tea Set Usability & Form

Egypt is known to be one of the highest consumers of tea. After observing the process of drinking tea in the Egyptian culture, and analyzing the shape and usability of the traditional tea glass. It was concluded that people drink red tea in order to gain a certain pleasure; throughout smelling the hot vapors that come out of the tea and sipping it slowly while it’s too hot. So in order to gain this pleasure the user has to sacrifice by holding the hot glass and burning his fingers. It was also concluded that that glass is a commonly used material for drinking red tea, because the red tea has a vibrant color that is enjoyable to be seen while drinking.

After observing the Pyrex glass blowing process, it was concluded that the blowing process is an imperfect process; which means that each blown piece have at least slight differences than the others. Therefore, “Perfect Imperfection” was chosen to be the keyword for the tea Set.

The concept is designing a tea Set, especially for red tea; as it has the highest boiling point. The glass is double layered insulated using the key word Perfect Imperfection. Its outer layer is an inspiration of the basic shape of the traditional tea glass in Egypt. While its inner layer is an inspiration of the imperfect characteristic of the Pyrex glass blowing process. That means that the set of glasses will have a nearly identical shape from the out- side, but different shapes from the inside; as well as the tea pot. The tray and the lid are also inspired from the keyword; as their outer shape is perfect, while the wood grains are imperfect. The set also includes a tea filter.

The size of the inner layer of the glass will be slightly small; in order to achieve one of the secrets behind the Egyptian habit of drinking tea, which is gathering people.


Mai Ashmawy

Name Category Status
Ahmed Hamdi Product Design Honor
Hytham Hamed Product Design Honor